The Big Incident

I have learned that life lessons are learned in many different ways. Some are the easy way, and others the hard way. What really matters is not about which way you learn it, it’s if you learn it. In this story, I have to learn the hard way to listen to my parents, or be more aware of my surroundings. As I go further into this fateful day, I hope you could learn this lesson too.


I was in the car, my mom said,  we were going somewhere very special. I was very curious about where we were going so I kept asking, “Mom, where are we going?” She countered my question every time responding,“Somewhere important Isaac.”  I was bothered by her not specifying where we were going, so after many “Mom, where are we going?” Later, we arrived at a huge mansion that towered over me while I gazed in awe. 

Upon our arrival, we were kindly greeted by important people who owned the mansion.   I was first greeted by Don Victor who reached his hand out and asked, “How are you doing?”  After shaking his hand, Doña Delia opened her arms, inviting me to a big hug, and said “Welcome home!” These people were very good friends of my parents and were very nice to me so far. 

As I walked through the enormous halls of the huge house, we ended up in the backyard where I saw three more people. Montserrat, Cosette and Angel. After a small conversation, all the kids decided to play a little tag which helped me discover they had a pool, one of the key reasons that caused a bloody accident. 

During our playtime, my sister and I were stung by bees. I was fine at first, but then I started to hurt gradually so I asked my parents two questions. The first one was if we could go to the pool, and they said yes. The second question wasn’t even a question, they had no choice. So after I asked to take out the venom, I told my mom where I got stung, and she squeezed it all out with her fingers. Later on, I was lucky to have my mom bring my bathing suit and we all got to play in the pool. We all played water tag, again, and marco polo. We stayed in the pool playing for hours until dinner was ready. 

The smell of charcoal or wood kept my mouth watery, so I found myself rushing to the buffet table looking to serve myself a nice burger. My dad was at the BBQ grill and he makes the best burgers.  I was the first to take a bite. The burger melted in my mouth, and the patty was perfectly cooked and you can taste all the fresh ingredients inside. I  ate a lot and very full, so I couldn’t go back  to the pool.  We decided to play hide and seek instead.

 Before we went inside to play, my dad told me to dry my feet, but I didn’t listen.  Montserrat was counting, and counting fast. With quick thinking, I hid behind a curtain, hoping she couldn’t find me. Once done counting, she searched the main floor (where I was) but she didn’t find me. She went upstairs and found her sister, Cosette. Now with the sister-sister duo on prowl, they didn’t take too long to find my sister, Hanna. Now that all the girls were together I heard them say “Isaac stands no chance,” but I believed to have a big one. It took about 30 minutes until they gave up, and I was excited to brag in their faces, but that would soon get me.

 My feet were still very wet from getting out of the pool, so I slipped and my head conveniently found a table next to me. I hit a very sharp corner of the table, and I got hurt badly. I got up crying because of the amount of pain. Feeling the blood dripping in my hand, I told my parents what had happened. We got in the car immediately and rushed to the hospital.  As I laid down in the car, I was thinking about what would’ve happened if I listened to my dad. Thinking and thinking, I fell asleep before arriving at the hospital. 

I woke up shivering from the cold and found myself on a hospital bed.  They had already put the bandage on my forehead. It was very quick and painless. As we walked out of the hospital, I chuckled about how I faked to be sleeping in the bed so I could be more dramatic when I “woke” up. Shortly after, I was relieved to find myself okay and in good spirits.

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